Nifty Fusions

Fusing Physical Art & Digital Art with NFTs - in many Metas.
One. Artist. At. A. Time.

WEB 3.0 Services

Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract Development

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • NFT Strategy, Analysis, and Consulting
  • NFT Implementation & Minting Services
  • NFT Collection Creation: Physical / Scanned, Digital, 3D, Generative / Algorithmic
  • Ethereum Namespace Setup & Configuration Services
  • NFT Community Discord Setup & Security Implementations
  • NFT Licensing & Syndication
  • Pop-Up NFT Galleries & Exhibits
  • NFT Educational Services & Training

  • POAP Design
  • POAP Minting
  • POAP Distribution
  • POAP Collection Management

Fungible Tokens
  • ERC-20 Token / Utility Token Setup & Implementations

  • Metaverse Wearables
  • Metaverse Land Brokerage
  • Metaverse Analysis & ROI

  • DApp Conceptualization, Architecture, and Development

  • DAO Conceptualization & Implementations
  • Token Economies & Tokenomics
  • Snapshot Setup


Ed, the founder of Nifty Fusions, has been collecting art for a while. Recently, he's become passionate about NFTs and Cryptocurrency. Since the shift in his interests, his new goal is to bridge the gap between analog and digital art, giving artists the abiltity to share their work on new platforms.

Join Nifty Fusions on our journey.


Ed V

Ed V

Founder / CEO / NFT Strategist

Ed has over 20 years of C level experience in Digital Innovation and Transformation and has run a Web / Software consulting company for over a decade. He has partnered with Amazon, IBM, Oracle, and other Enterprise Software platforms - but is now passionate about decentralized, secure, and scalable Web 3.0 solutions and platforms. He is an avid art collector and loves learning guitar, collecting NFTs, shopping, and launching a platform where traditional, festival artists can earn royalties on their art - for every sale - in perpetuity. His dream is to travel the US in an Airstream while growing a community of NFT enthusiasts.

Edison V

Edison V

"Cyber Security and Web Dev"

Edison holds certs in Cyber Security and Network Security. Edison works at Apple cause he loves new gadgets, plays a ton of CSGO, and is passionate about hitting the gym and finding the perfect protein shake.

Ethan O

Ethan O

"Community Manager"


Chris B

Legal - Contracts and Agreements


Lisa H


Former CXO of Marriott & Mercedes Benz.


Dan J

Web Developer & Integratitons


"The Wiz"

Smart Contract Developer

Chris V

Chris V

Artist Prime


Sam / / Ryan

Free Thinkers

These are the boys that inspire creativity and provide feedback for the website.